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QUESTION: Is there a Kindle version of Running for the Average Joe?

I've had a number of people asking me if there is a "Kindle" version of my book, "Running for the Average Joe."

ANSWER: The answer is no, there is not. The reason for this is because Kindle has a limitation of 10 graphics per book. Well, "Running for the Average Joe" has hundreds of photos, tables, charts and other graphics in the book, so it will not comply with the Kindle format.

The good news is that there is a PDF version available through my website. The PDF version has exactly the same content as the paperback, and sells for just $5.00 (normally $9.99).

You can save and view the book at any time on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or on any platform that allows you to view PDF files.

All training plans are included, as well as nutritional information, and chapters on goal setting, nutrition, equipment, etc.

You can download the electronic PDF version of the book at

Thanks, Bill

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