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VO2 MAX Calculator

What is VO2 MAX?

VO2 MAX, or maximal oxygen consumption, is commonly used by health professionals as an indicator of aerobic capacity, or how much oxygen your body can transport. The higher your VO2 MAX, the more physically fit you are!


Why Should I Care About My VO2 MAX?


The more oxygen your blood can transport, the harder, faster, and longer you can go. VO2 MAX is just a way of quantifying how easily your heart can supply the oxygen you need.


How Can I Find Out My VO2 Max?


The "Rockport Walk Test" is one of the best ways to determine your VO2 MAX. You only have to complete four simple steps:

  • Walk 1 mile as quickly as you can and record your time.

  • Immediately measure your heart rate for 15 seconds and multiply by four.

  • Enter your information into the VO2 MAX calculator!

This calculator will use this information to calculate your VO2 MAX and METs, or metabolic equivalents (how much energy your body uses at rest). It will even tell you how you compare to other individuals your age!


How Can I Improve My VO2 Max?


To improve your VO2 MAX, improve your physical fitness. There are several ways to do this:

  • Longer training—the longer you run, the more oxygen your body is forced to transport.

  • Harder training—high intensity training is often recommended for well-trained athletes.

Use your results and compare to the chart below to see your level of fitness.

vo2max chart.jpg
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