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COVID-19 - You can make a difference

Stay at home, read a book, and help others at the same time.

Let's face it, this COVID-19 virus is a disaster for this planet. It's far-reaching effects have already impacted many of us. I have friends, relatives and co-workers who have contracted the virus, with one death so far. I was trying to think of ways to help, but the things we can do are limited, since we can't really go out into the world without presenting huge risks to ourselves or others.

So here's the deal - I have about 50 paperback copies of "Running for the Average Joe" in my storeroom downstairs. I'll sell them for just $10.00 and will pay the postage anywhere in the United States. At the same time, I'll donate all of the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Let me be clear that I make absolutely nothing on these sales. This isn't about me or making sales. This is about helping others in this time of need. I am happy to donate to this cause and for the survival of our fellow humans. Will you help? If so, click here and give help to the cause.

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