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Updated Third Edition Release

Updated: Feb 8

I've updated the Third Edition of Running for the Average Joe. The updates are minor, specifically:

  • Added the 2019 half and full marathon statistics

  • Added "entry points" for the training plans. For example, in the 10k plans, it might say: "If you're already running 5k's, enter the plan at week 12."

  • Added a little more content in the "Running Legends" section

  • Added a few more pictures and graphs.

  • pdated Kettle Bell information

I didn't really have enough content change to make it the "fourth edition." All in all, it's better than the last one!

The paperback and hardcover versions will be in stock in about a week and should be available on this site as well as Amazon and other online sources.

The PDF electronic version is available as an instant download right now!

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