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Colorado Trail - Day 11

Today’s plan was to just cover segment 6, the longest of any segment on the CT and a little over 32 miles. Up to this point, I had been covering 40 to 45 miles per day, so the plan was to cover this segment with a later wake-up call, and see where the wind would blow me after that. Optimistically speaking, I was hoping to cover the entirety of segment 6 and most of 5 and sleep with the cows near Long Gulch. Unfortunately, I struggled just to cover the 32.6 miles of segment 6 and ended the day setting up camp at 3:00 PM about three miles east of Kenosha Pass.

This was the earliest I had set up camp during this entire adventure – my body felt ravaged and my Sawyer Mini water filter was starting to clog up frequently. Up to this point, it had been a workhorse, but now I was back-flushing it every other water stop. This was another sign that I needed to get home sooner, rather than later. I fell asleep early that night and had strange dreams all night, but couldn’t remember them the next morning. I just remember waking in the morning and thinking how strange dreams are and how the body works 24 hours each and every day.

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