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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Following is an official review of "Running for the Average Joe" by Bill Watts.

"Running for the Average Joe" by Bill Watts is a comprehensive guide to running for all fitness levels, from seasoned marathoners to those who just pulled themselves off the couch. Inspired by the lack of books for beginning runners, Mr. Watts wrote this book to encourage "Average Joe" runners who are either new to the sport or have returned after a hiatus. The book covers all aspects of running as a sport and provides many helpful tips for maximizing performance at multiple levels. Reading this book was quite meaningful for me on a personal level. I am trying to get back into running myself, and I was grateful for the plethora of information that I gleaned from reading this book. There were many helpful reminders, and quite a bit of new information for me as well. Mr. Watts covered evey possible aspect of running; the history of running as a sport, health and nutrition, running gear, and even detailed training plans for different races (5k, 10k, marathon, etc) based on individual fitness level. Being a woman, I was especially grateful for the chapter devoted to female runners. Running for the Average Joe is also full of eye-catching visuals that enhance the reading experience, such as photographs, inspirational quotes, and charts. All the visuals were relevant ot the text and helped to provide a greater understanding of the information within. My personal favorites were the training charts, which were precise and easy to understand. I imagine that both new and seasoned runners will find them quite helpful. The writing itself is excellent and virtually free of errors (I counted a grand total of one). The writing style is conversational and encouraging, which is perfect for those new runners who may be intimidated by beginning a running plan. Being an "Average Joe" who went from couch potato to ultra-marathoner, Mr. Watts understands runners at all fitness levels and this is reflected in his writing. I have only two small criticisms of this book. First, there are a few spots that are a bit wordy and could be shortened up. Also, the author does repeat certain topics; however, the repetition is mostly regarding health and safety information, and I do realize that he repeated them to emphasize their importance. Running for the Average Joe is a great resource for new and experienced runners, and I give it 4 out of 4 stars. I would recommend this book to the target audience: men and women who are new to running or who are returning after a break."

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-LivreAmour217 (Online Book Club Reviewer)

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