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NASM-CPT Certification #2814827 (Pending)

Coming soon!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no specific date has been selected. Please check back frequently for details.

Bill Watts and Keith Panzer met in the late ‘90’s through work in the Information Technology business. Although Keith had already run more than 100 marathons by then, Bill was the occasional runner, picking up a few miles on his lunch hour or a few laps around the track after work.


Through the past 20 years, they’ve run many marathons together. Now, after two decades of competing together, they’re mentoring others with the knowledge they’ve acquired through the years. WattsRunning now has two NASM Certified Trainers with over 360 marathons between the two of them.


If you’re serious about your training, fitness and overall health, be sure to sign up for group or personal training soon!  We expect the sessions will fill quickly – it all starts July, 2020!

Watts and Panzer finishing together at the 2005 Steamboat Springs Marathon.