Colorado Trail Run - August 2nd-17th


Description of each column


Day:  This is the day number, not the actual date.

Date:  The actual date.

Starting Location:  This is the point where I start, either to the end of the segment or to the next “waypoint.”   The waypoint is a specific point on the trail, which may include a junction, campground or other attribute.

Ending Location:  This is my stop point for the day. It may be at a segment trailhead or a waypoint on a segment.

Resupply:  Points for resupply (noted as Off Trail).  Scheduled resupply points are Molas Lake Campground, Lake City, Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and Gold Hill Trail (Breckenridge).

Start/Stop If there is a time listed, that is my start time for that particular day.  “Continue” indicates that I’m continuing through this segment or waypoint. “Camp” indicates that I’m finished for the day.

Segment:  This is the segment that I should be on.  I may be on multiple segments throughout the day.

Waypoint Mileage:  This is the number of miles from one segment or waypoint to the end of the next segment or waypoint.

Today’s Mileage:  The amount of miles covered on that particular day.

Total Mileage:  The cumulative miles for the entire trip.