Running for the Average Joe

"Top 100 Best Running Books of All Time" - BookAuthority - October, 2020

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"Running for the Average Joe" has been rated in the top 100 Running books of all time!

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     From 5k's to marathons, "Running for the Average Joe" is a motivational book for runners of any skill level.  This book is about lifestyle change through proper exercise, training and nutrition. Author - Bill Watts

      Extreme athlete  and endurance runner Marshall Ulrich wrote the foreword for the book, and says this:

      This book is by far the best researched and most comprehensive yet written, by a very talented man who has the ability to explain complex topics in simple and always understandable language. Average Joe is masterfully written, with personal stories from his own experience that will take you step by step through your own transformation.”

      “Packed with tips and suggestions, motivational quotes, mantras and challenges, this book will help you along through running and in life. You’ll learn so much from this book, which I call the ‘A to Z Runner’s Bible.’”

Marshall Ulrich - Extreme athlete and best-selling author of "Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner's Story of Love, Loss and a Record-Setting Run Across America"                         

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"Congrats, your book is very comprehensive - lots of good things to digest..."
Bart Yasso - Former "Runner's World" Chief Running Officer

"This comprehensive and reader-friendly book is a must have for anyone seeking to improve their health and life style through the physical act of running, and to becoming a better runner."

Miriam Diaz-Gilbert -- Ultra-runner, author, speaker

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